The WWDACT Annual General Meeting for 2018 will take place on November 21st, 2018. The business of this meeting is to recap the year and elect the WWDACT board for 2019. To attend the meeting and pre-meeting event, please grab a ticket on Eventbrite.

Prior to the meeting the papers, including Director’s Report, will be uploaded below

2018 AGM Agenda [pdf] [docx]

WWDACT Constitution [pdf]

*NEW* 2018 Director’s Report [pdf] [docx]


Nominations for WWDACT Board 2019

Contact to nominate for a board position (you must be a full member of WWDACT to nominate).


Board Chair (1 Opening, 1 Nominee)

Sue Salthouse

Sue is an educator and disability rights advocate, and has worked in both education and disability in Central Australia, Nepal, and Italy. She was a member of the University of Canberra Council from 2012 to 2018, and is the ACT Representative on the Independent Advisory Council of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. She is the immediate past Co-Chair of the Disability Reference Group advising the ACT Government on the implementation of the National Disability Strategy. She has been an inaugural board member, and Chair of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, and is a former president of Women With Disabilities Australia. She has advocated for improved access to services, education and employment for women with disabilities. She was the 2015 Canberra Citizen of the Year, 2014 ACT Senior Woman of the Year, and a nominee for the 2014 Senior Australian of the Year.


Treasurer (1 Opening, 1 Nominee)

Dianne McGowan

Di is a qualified bookkeeper and has worked extensively in both the disability sector and the private sector. She has been a member of WWDACT since it was first formed in 1995 and has supported the organisation with financial advice since its inception. She worked as the bookkeeper for Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) for a number of years when the national office was located in Canberra. She retired from her employment as the Accounts Manager for Eric Martin & Associates, a specialist in access architecture at the end of October 2017.

Di has lived with disability all her life, and from a young age she has known that keeping active is an important part of maintaining mobility. In the last 12 months since retiring she spends five hours a week exercising. Di also loves spending time with her 3 grandchildren, having coffee with friends and going to the movies.

WWDACT is a wonderful organisation to be associated with. Di has made life-long friends and being on the Board has given her many opportunities to improve her skills and more importantly being part a movement to improve the lives of women with disabilities in the ACT.


General Board Members (5 Openings, 6 Nominees)

Kerry Marshall

Born with Spina Bifida, Kerry is a Social Worker with a keen interest in mental health, mentoring, inclusion, human rights and social justice. A long term member of WWDACT, Kerry has been a WWDACT Board Director for two years and is passionate about improving the profile, status and lives of women with disabilities in the ACT and Region.




Karen Hedley 

Karen has been working with people with disabilities for 30 years. She has a focus on human rights and self-advocacy, and a growing interest in the specific issues facing women. She was awarded the ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Award for Lifetime Achievement in Support Work in 2015. Karen aims to empower, influence and inform others and to this end she has established a number of successful blogs and Facebook groups and pages relating to disability, and continues her career in the community sector.


Louise Bannister

Louise has been involved with WWDACT since 1998 and works to promote health and wellbeing for women with disabilities including improving access to women’s health screening services. She is passionate about the right for individual choice and control and about creating a fully inclusive community through mentoring, education, advocacy, and leadership. Louise represents WWDACT on the Ministerial Advisory Council on Women; and on the ACT Disability Reference Group. She is the former Deputy Chair of the Disability Advisory Council, and continues to work with ACT Health and the government to improve women with disabilities’ access to services and education. Louise has been recognized for her work in the community.  She was awarded the Chief Minister’s Award for Inclusion by an Individual (2012), and was a Finalist in the Women of Spirit Awards (2009), and a National Finalist for the Australian Centre for Leadership of Women Leadership Achievement Award (2006).

 Maree Pavloudis

I am interested and involved with different things like Public Housing, Accessible Housing, Health, Age Care, Disabilities and helping the community either through my studies or being on a committee or just because of my personal experiences. Everything I am involved in is to make someone’s life a little bit better.

I returned to Australia six years ago and for the past five I have been living in Public Housing. I became involved in advocacy with the Relocation of tenants from Owen Flats on Northbourne Avenue (I was also one of the Tenants) as part of the Housing ACT Renewal program. This led me to being a member of the Tenants Consultative Group at HACT and then to creating a FB page exclusively for Housing ACT Tenants to be able to voice their concerns about their tenancy but also helping each other with problems and solutions around everyday life.

I also am a recent board member of the Belconnen Community Council and hope to be able to bring some more light to issues concerning disabilities and accessibility.

Thi Nha Tran

Thi Nha is a long time WWDACT member and has previously stood for the board. She brings skills in self advocacy, self care and self-representations to to WWDACT, along with extensive experience of health care consumer advocacy. She has previously worked as a post-graduate at CSIRO Black Mountain Laboratories.


Belinda O’Connor

Born with vision impairment, Belinda has forged a life of ongoing growth in personal self-advocacy as a person with disability and for people with disability. For the past 15 years Belinda has worked in various portfolios across the Australian Government, currently in public policy. She is passionate about improving disability workforce participation and inclusive practices, including through universal design and assistive technology. During this time, Belinda has been actively involved in disability networks and is currently working with other people with disability to establish with the Digital Transformation Agency a disability network for innovation and technology inclusion. In 2017 Belinda founded Bioptic Drivers Australia and is working with a multi-disciplinary team to advocate to formalise bioptic driving in Australia. As a recent member to WWDACT, Belinda has a growing interest in the intersectional challenges facing women with disability. She is keen to work with other strong women to advance human rights and inclusion for women with disability in the ACT.